Think about love.  Think about the kindness of love, the comfort of love, the acceptance and warmth of love, the simplicity and generosity and forgiveness of love.  Think about the gentleness of love, the patience of love, the compassion of love.  Think about the refuge and relief of love.  Think about love.

That, I believe, is God.  Love itself, perfect, eternal and infinite, flowing among all of us, shared as our birthright, our love uniting us and living on within God.  There is nothing to fear.  It's love itself that is the God we seek, here within all of us and living on forever.  Love has always been here.

The rest, I believe, is nature.  Our bodies and our minds, the self we identify as soul, heredity and upbringing, all part of nature.  There is no evil, only nature, a broad scape from marvels of beauty to tragic aberrations, all nature, all fleeting.  All of nature shares the same preoccupations at its own level...we seek food, continuation of our species, pleasure,  safety, status and territory.  Those are the things of nature and the joys they give us are the gifts of nature. 

But our greatest days are made of love, in hours of unbearable loss, it's love that comforts us.  We thrive on it, we long for it.  With love, we do what we would have thought impossible, through love we make the miracles that others are praying for.  It's through our own love that God comes into the world.

Our prayers have already been answered.  We have been given love, it is already here for us.  Hunger and sickness, sadness and loneliness, fear and cruelty...what we can't overcome with love, we can comfort with love so that none suffer alone and abandoned.

This, I believe, is our purpose.  To free our love from the fearful cautions of nature, to let love dissolve the divisions that separate us, to look for love in every other being and find God.  With love, we live as in heaven.

Think about love often, nurture love within yourself, give over some time of your days to meditate on love, to pray that we will have more love.  Think about love and pray that one day we will all have the love we need for all the world.

This is not a religion and there is no need for money, preachers, books, or buildings.  The truth is in love itself and the only outward sign of love is love.  This is for you, offered in hope that it will help.   The person who wrote this is an ordinary person of unexceptional virtue who will say nothing further.